Firestone Duraload Deep Tread L-4 Tires

OTR L-4 Loader/Dozer Bias Deep Tread Traction tire. The 45/65-45 Duraload DT Giant Loader tire Features both Nylon and Nylon/Steel Construction.


  • Unique sidewall rib protection
  • New tread design
  • Shoulder tie bars
  • Larger footprint with more even footprint pressure
  • Bridgestone/Firestone Off Road Tire Company Limited Warranty
  • Bridgestone/Firestone Off Road Tire Company Limited Warranty - Canada


  • Improve stability and protect shoulders from harsh operating conditions
  • Reduces cuts and sidewall damage
  • Provides even footprint pressure for longer life
  • Designed for optimum traction and wear life on giant loaders


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